Games Workshop asked me to take this page down. So I did. Sorry to all of you who actually used this page for reference.

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 11:56:19 -0000
From: Ewan Hall  
Subject: Re: Mighty Empires Rules

Dear Jim,

Your web page was recently brought to my attention.

We are all in favour of gamers and hobbyists putting up web sites to share
ideas, tactics, news, etc., but we have to set certain limits to make sure
that the we protect the rights and imagery that we have spent the last
twenty five years establishing.

I was therefore concerned to see that you had posted up the entire rules for
Mighty Empires, with other rules that had been previously published in White
Dwarf and the Journal.  Such copying constitutes a serious infringement of
our rights and we have no choice but to require you to remove these rules
from the web.  You may feel that as Mighty Empires is no longer part of our
current range this requirement seems a little unfair, but we are always
exploring the possibility of bringing back older games, particularly now
that we are sustaining several Fanatic Press publications, several of which
are aimed at supporting games that are not necessarily part of our current

Please don't feel that we want to discourage hobby sites - we know how
valuable they can be in spreading the word on our games.  We also appreciate
that you have not set out to infringe our rights with any malice - you have
set up the site as a sincere attempt to help other gamers.  Unfortunately,
we can never allow such wholesale copying of our rules.

I hope to see the changes to your web site as soon as possible.  If you have
any questions or queries, please let me know.


Ewan Hall
Intellectual Property

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