The Ratnest Warzone Site History Log

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(Jun 2002 and later)

  • Added a link to in the Other Warzones section. They are the 1st unofficial Italian Mutant Chronicles website.
  • DALnet has been under Denial of Service attacks for some time now. I have moved all the chat channels to Gameslink. more info
  • Updated the IRC Chat information, including registering the channels.
  • Added info on how to find me on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)(No, I do not use AOL).
07/18/2002 Well, after a very long hiatus, I'm actually back into Warzone. This site is officially active again! Welcome back to all you veterans, and Welcome to all you newcomers. I will be more than happy to take any submissions!

  • Added a new troop type for Imperial: the Peregrines.
  • Fixed the bug with the Updated and New automated tags!
  • Corrected my email address on every page (I think).
  • General tidying up and asthetic cleaning.
  • Removed the Advertising and replaced it with a retro link to our host.
  • Updated the links page to include the awesome new publisher of quality games.

History Earlier Than June 2002

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