Ork Field Artillery
For use with Heartbreaker's Warzone
Sci-Fi miniatures game
by Joseph R. Martinez

Firing at Ork Field Artillery: At close range, you may target the crew or artillery. At long range, they are randomized. Field Artillery is considered to have an Armour of 29 and 1 Wound for purposes of damage.

Moving Ork Field Artillery: The moving rules are the same as in 40K.

Firing Ork Field Artillery: It takes two crew to fire an artillery piece. In addition, it takes all three actions a model has in a turn. If an artillery piece has only one crew manning it, in order to fire the weapon, you must roll 11+ on 1D20, or the model may not fire.

Gretchin Crew (2) 12 13 - 10 3 1 0 3 19


Nominate a target the model can see. That model is automatically hit. Roll an Artillery die. If you roll a misfire then something has gone wrong-Roll 1D20, 1-10 Reversed Polarity; 11-20 Overheating. If you roll a number then this plus 10 is the damage of the hit the model takes. Normal armor saves apply. If the victim survives the attack , then roll 1D20 and divide the number in half. This is the number of inches the model is dragged towards the kannon.

Vehicles will collide with any terrain or vehicles that they hit, and will run over any foot models unfortunate enough not to dodge out of the way. Vehicles are always assumed to have been moving 10" or more for collisions. Support weapons dragged count as having a bike's ram value. Buildings hit won't be dragged, but may suffer damage.Models that have been dragged along by the beam may move and attack normally in their own turn.

Traktor Kannon 36 72 0 Special See Above


Nominate a target the model can see. That model is automatically hit. Determine the range and the size of the target and check the following chart for the 1D20 roll required to effect the model.

Range Foot Trooper Bike or Terminator Other Vehicle or Dreadnought
0-24" 4 4 7
24-36" 4 7 10
36-48" 4 4 7
48-60" Miss 4 4
Table Modified from original for Warzone D20 Scale

If a hit is scored, the model is held in the air as the crew try to jiggle him into a position where he will land on a friendly model. Roll 1D20 and divide it in three to see how many inches the model may be moved.

Roll a Scatter die to determine which direction the model is facing when it lands. Anything under the target when it is dropped will sustain damage. Foot Troopers and terminators dropped by the Smasha Gun will suffer 12 Damage hit. A dropped vehicle will sustain a hit using the model's own ram value on its legs, wheels, or tracks on a D20 roll of 11+. Any model that gets hit by a falling model is not allowed to get out of the way, and sustains damage as if it had been hit by something moving 10" or more.

Smasha Gun See Above 0 Special See Above


To work out the effects, take the Buzzer Squig Template(1" Radius), pivot the model so it is pointing in the direction of the target, guess a range of up to 48", place the template directly ver the spot you guessed. The crew do not need line of sight. Roll a scatter and arillery die. If you roll a hit, the shot hits exactly where you guessed. If an arrow is rolled, the shot scatters a number of inches equal to the number rolled on the scatter die.

If a misfire is rolled, roll a D20-1-6: Destroyed!; 7- -14: OOOOOPS!; 15-20: May not Shoot. The Buzzer Squig template will damage any troops or vehicles touched and these models are attacked and must roll on the following chart to determine if they are eaten alive and removed as casualties. A vehicle is unharmed itself, but the crew is dead. Robots or dreadnoughts have the circuitry consumed, and is rendered completely useless.

Target D20 Save
Avatars, Greater Daemons, Hive Tyrants Automatic
Vehicles, Robots, Dreadnoughts, Carnifexes 4+
Fully enclosed power armour, Aspect Armour,
and Terminator Armour
Daemons, Genestealers, Tyranids 11+
Any other troops 14+

The swarm stays in play unless it has caused one or more casualties. If this has happened, roll a D20- 1-10: The squigs are sated and become docile (remove the template); 11-20: The squigs are still hungry and continue to move D20 divided by two in a random direction. the swarm automatically attacks any target touched exempting Orks/Gretchin/Snotlings.

Squig Template -- 48 -- Special See rules


Pivot the gun in the direction you wish to shoot, roll an Artillery die, if you roll a misfire, roll D20 - 1-10: Destroyed!; 11-20: May Not Shoot. If you rolled a number, add 20 and that is the distance where the shell first hits the ground; the shell travels directly forward unless it hits a model or obstacle first; once the shell has hit the target, roll the scatter and artillery dice to determine the direction and distance travelled by the shell. Note that nothing is added to the second and subsequent artillery dice rolls. Resolve any hits as before. The shell continues to bounce across the table until it either leaves a table edge or a misfire is rolled on the Artillery die. If you don't roll a Misfire on the first roll then any misfire rolled does nothing other than stop the shell from further travel.

Splatte Kannon Special rules 0 16 See rules


Special rules are not changed in any way from the 40K rules.


Nominate a target the model can see. Place the 2" template on the aiming point and roll a Scatter and Artillery die. if you roll a hit, the shot is on target. If you roll an arrow, the shot scatters a distance in inches equal to the number rolled on the artillery die. Of you roll a misfire, roll D20 - 1-10: Destroyed!; 11-20: May Not Shoot. Any model touched by the template will be attacked by the Snotlings. Refer to the appropriate chart below and roll 1D20 for each model attacked. (You should refer to the Codex Orks for full details.)

Dreadnought, Robot, Wraithguard, and Terminator Shokk Attack Chart (D20):
1-3 The leg...
4-6 One randomly selected weapon...
7-16 Snotlings materialise...
17-20 The occupant is rapidly shredded...

Foot Troops Shokk Attack Chart (D20):
1-3 No Snotlings land on...
4-16 The model is covered with...1 hit with DAM 10.
17-20 Snotlings materialise...

Vehicle Shokk Attack Chart (D20):
1-3 The steering is jammed...
4-6 Snotlings are stuffed...
7-13 Frenzied Snotlings...1 hit with DAM 10.
14-17 The vehicle's power supply...explodes on D20 roll of 17+.
18-20 A wretched little snotling...

Support Weapon Shokk Attack Chart (D20):
1-10 Snotlings are stuffed...explodes on D20 roll of 10-.
11-20 Snotlings are stuffed...

Bunker Shokk Attack Chart (D20):
1-3 One model...
4-16 Frenzied Snotlings attack...1 hit with DAM 10.
17-20 A Snotling materialises...

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